Media Clippings

If media clippings are anything to go by, Elimihate is a small but powerful force. In just a month, we’ve managed to gain multiple endorsements and even cracked a few guest appearances on some larger sites that share our agenda to stop online-antisemitism.

Help Report Hate and Anti-semitic Pages featured a link to our blog.


Avigail Frij commented on the post that

”Facebook is part of the problem. If you help others promote Hate, who do you think you are?”

Jozef Boko noted that his grandfather survived the Holocaust and this image was not humorous while another Facebook user, Sarah Reyes was so offended by the image she begged the Facebook group to

“delete it from there please!!!”

And then this awesome thing happened…

social media post

Another site, Jews Down Under thought we were doing an awesome job and wrote about our progress and agenda.

jews down under clipping

Soon after, comments came flying in about the need to regulate all social media platforms, including Twitter. Blogger, Hilary posted this example of online hate speech that goes undetected.

twitter anti semitism


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