Case Studies

At Elimihate we’ve done our research. To increase our own chance at success, we researched case studies to understand the prevalence of anti-semitic hate speech and the struggle for Facebook to accept accountability and remove the vilifying content. 

Check out our case studies:

1) #Unbonjuif (A Good Jew): In 2012, the Twitter hashtag #Unbonjuif (“A Good Jew”) turned into a competition of anti-Semitic jokes with examples such as “A good Jew is a dead Jew”.


Anti-semitic image posted by Serre Fion 8-9, a Twitter user participating in the #Unbonjuif hashtag 

2) Anti-Semitic Memes: Can Facebook recognise the various forms of anti-semitic hate speech?


Anne Frank meme once available at Jewish Meme Facebook page

3)  The Untold History: A site dedicated to Holocaust denial yet Facebook refuses to ban the account.

Screen shot 2013-09-26 at 11.34.49 AM

Image available at The Untold History

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