How To Report

What is anti-semitism? In its purist form, anti-semitism is anything that seeks to demonise or discriminate against Jews based on their religion. But it doesn’t stop there! Holocaust denial and claims that Israel doesn’t exist often blur the distinction between anti-Israel and  anti-semitic content.

Help us in our fight against anti-semitism by learning how to report image, pages and comments!

Reporting hate speech to Facebook is simple.  Just follow the examples below.

Reporting a Page

Reporting a Post

Reporting an Image



There is a serious issue with how Facebook responds to reports of hate speech and symbols. Their reporting mechanisms lack transparency and consistency in determining violations of the Community Standards.

Don’t let this deter you! It’s important that you continue to report offensive content because this is presently the only avenue available in getting anti-Semitic content removed from Facebook.

Thanks for your support!


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