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Elimihate is proud to announce our partners in the fight against online anti-semitism.

A big thank you to our endorsers at the Online Hate Prevention Institute.


Elimihate is now also in a global partnership with The Hate Prevention Initiative. Check out their website and sign up to their initiative to curb online hate speech.

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If you’d like to join our fight against online anti-semitism, please click here

Help Us Out!

At Elimihate we’re always looking for ways to increase our reach and attract as many viewers as possible. And at the risk of sounding cliched, you’ve gotta give a little to get a little.

Got 2 minutes to spare? Fill out our survey to help us improve our mission of making online anti-semitism history!

Interested in going that one step further?

If you’d like to improve Facebook’s accountability and ensure that the law is able to keep up with the times, then please contribute to this OHPI initiative. Funds raised go towards:

  • Exposing the impact of online hate on more groups within society
  • Holding social media publicly accountable when they fail to live up to our expectations and their own terms of service
  • Begin work on Fight Against Hate – a platform that will allow the public to play an active role in monitoring online hate

If the $12,000 goal is reached, by April 2014 you can expect to be able to:

  • Report online hate to an independent register of online incidents
  • Review the reports made by others, helping to validate them
  • Check if action has been taken on items previously reported
  • Join in campaigns to expose inappropriate content that has been up for too long and complaints that have been rejected by platform providers

To see what your donation can achieve, check this out:


2 thoughts on “Join Us

  1. Great to see more like us around protecting the Internet together with OHPI. You now have my email address to give you guys an extra hand. Our group is working as hard as you. Or you can give Andre a link & he can share it with us as well. What a pleasure !!

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