Case Studies

Here at Elimihate we’ve done our research. To increase our own chance at success, we needed to find out what had been done in the past to curb online anti-semitic hate speech. So we thought we’d share with you a few case studies that really exemplify just how prevalent anti-semitic hate speech is and the struggle to get Facebook to accept accountability and remove the vilifying content.

Check out our case studies:

1) #Unbonjuif (A Good Jew): In 2012, the Twitter hashtag #Unbonjuif (“A Good Jew”) turned into a competition of anti-Semitic jokes with examples such as “A good Jew is a dead Jew”.


Anti-semitic image posted by Serre Fion 8-9, a Twitter user participating in the #Unbonjuif hashtag 

2) Anti-Semitic Memes: Can Facebook recognise the various forms of anti-semitic hate speech?


Anne Frank meme once available at Jewish Meme Facebook page

3)  The Untold History: A site dedicated to Holocaust denial yet Facebook refuses to ban the account.

Screen shot 2013-09-26 at 11.34.49 AM

Image available at The Untold History


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