The Untold History

The Untold History’s Facebook picture simply says, “Historical site. Non-political.” The main purpose of the site is to perpetrate the belief that the Holocaust never occurred. The site also frequently degenerates into attacking Jewish people in the form of graphics with messages, cartoons, or links to suspect news articles that seek to legitimise Holocaust denial.

Screen shot 2013-09-28 at 7.11.24 PM

 Holocaust denial imagery contained on The Untold History

Example of some of the comments on the site:

  • “Jews control America and want to control the world”
  • “The Holocaust never happened”
  • “Jews exploit the Holocaust myth for money”
  • “The Allies did far worse to the Germans, Japanese, and Japanese-Americans than the Nazis did to the Jews”
  • “Hitler was a great guy who was just standing up for Christian civilization”
  • “Communism is a Jewish tool”
  • “Israel is the source of all evil in the world”
  • “9/11 was a Mossad job”


The Untold History: image associated with claims that “Jews control the media”

Facebook refused to take the site down, providing this response:


This, despite Facebook having the following on its community standards page regarding hate speech:


If you read Facebook’s terms and came away thinking that the distinction between “serious and humorous speech” seems a little vague, if not arbitrary, you aren’t alone! Facebook fails to provide a transparent standard by which it gauges what does/doesn’t constitute humorous content. Humour is a subjective concept, particularly in light of Holocaust memes that may seem funny for those who feel more removed from the atrocity.

RIP Hitler

Holocaust meme available at RIP Hitler.


After months of petitioning by OHPI and Elimihate, on October 8 Facebook finally agreed to delete the accounts of the admin behind The Untold History page. Yet our relief was short-lived as by failing to shut down the actual page, Facebook allowed the original admin to relaunch the page (which had been temporarily and voluntarily closed) two days later with different accounts. The administrators of The Untold History set about promoting 22 new anti-semitic Facebook pages they had created in “retaliation”, and the page’s reactivation was met with more anti-semitic propaganda such as this:


As well as more promising rebukes like this:


As of 16th October, 2013, The Untold History now has 1,775 Facebook Likes. It’s important to remain vigilant in our fight to remove it. Check out our How To section to learn about reporting images and pages! Together, we can beat online anti-semitism!


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